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Signaling Challenge

How can we make existing subway cars compatible with new signaling tech faster and at lower cost?

A critical part of modernizing the New York City Transit subway signaling system is to make legacy subway cars compatible with new signaling technology.

MTA trains undergo a major overhaul halfway through their 50-year lifespan, and today the MTA has a large fleet of trains due for modernization that need to be equipped with new technology as part of the signaling modernization plan.

Traditional networking methods to connect train and signaling components would make upgrading more expensive than buying new trains. This challenge calls for reliable, cost-effective technology and strategy to upgrade trains and meet the aggressive timeline of the Fast Forward NYC Plan and the MTA's 2020-2024 capital program.

Companies with relevant solutions to the Signaling Challenge should apply by February 3, 2020.

Selected challenge applicants will have an opportunity to demonstrate their technology at the MTA Signaling Demo Day on March 13, 2020.



Signaling Challenge Criteria

  • Impact: Technology is feasible, sustainable and resilient in the MTA environment, presents a viable solution relevant to the Signaling Challenge, and has the potential to advance signaling objectives:
    • Improved safety of passengers and staff

    • On-time performance

    • Increased customer satisfaction

    • Enhanced operational flexibility

    • On-time and on-budget infrastructure program delivery

  • Product: Technology is in prototype or more mature phase and available for live demonstration, Presenter is able to provide customer metrics or other evidence illustrating market fit and success in other markets.
  • Team: Company has a qualified, compatible team with sufficient financial resources to ensure successful collaboration with MTA.
  • Value: Technology presents a new way of deriving more value from existing MTA assets, presents a potential new revenue source or cost savings for the MTA and presents an opportunity to more efficiently manage infrastructure, operations and/or customer service.


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