Curb Coordination Challenge

How can we reduce traffic by improving coordination at the curb?

Record traffic in New York City cost the $20 billion annually in lost productivity and excess costs. The Transit Tech Lab sought solutions to coordinating traffic at the curb among passenger cars, for-hire vehicles, public buses, commercial trucks, commuter vans, tour buses, bicycles and pedestrians. 

Challenge Finalists


About the Finalists


Allvision IO

Creates inventories of curb infrastructure and monitors street parking activity of commercial and noncommercial vehicles

Results: In partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation, Allvision defined a scope of work and framework which will enable the agency to digitally manage, monitor and analyze activity on select curbs and streets.




Computer vision mapping company that provides up to date construction data and descriptions, such as obstructions in parking spots or bus lanes

Results: CARMERA created a dashboard that shows traffic lane-level construction events across Manhattan as identified by CARMERA’s fleets. The tool leverages the company’s data to map construction events across select areas. This surfaces traffic lane violations and highlights potential obstacles for bus operators.




Marketplace for curbside access that sources dedicated curb supply from municipalities to create pickup and drop-off management and maps

Results: In partnership with the Port Authority, curbFlow identified over 20 installation sites where their technology could be tested. curbFlow’s technology has the potential to improve efficiency, reduce congestion and support COVID-19 safety measures.




Measures curb-level behavior using a proprietary camera-based sensor and provides behavioral insights to improve traffic operations

Results: Numina installed a proprietary sensor at Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway subway station and provided insights on pedestrian and bus flows, supporting more efficient service delivery and planning while prioritizing rider privacy.


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