Help shape the future
of transit in New York

Help shape
the future

of transit in
New York

Apply to the Tech Transit Lab and pilot your technology with the MTA.

Transit Tech Lab Challenges

The Transit Tech Lab is an accelerator program for public transportation solutions. Successful companies have an opportunity to pilot their technology with the MTA and transform New York City.

Subway Challenge

Challenge No. 1

How can we better predict subway incident impacts and serve customers?

New York City Transit serves an annual subway ridership of over 1.7 billion, runs nonstop 365 days a year and spans 472 stations.


Challenge No. 2

How can we make buses faster and more efficient?

Traffic has increased in New York City, and buses travel more slowly than ever. In midtown Manhattan, the average bus speed is as low as 3.4 mph, comparable to walking.

Bus Challenge
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